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Meet4Music - KUG - Kunstuniversität Graz

Montag 18. November 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00 Uhr
KUG - Kunstuniversität Graz
Institut 5 Musikpädagogik
Meet4Music - Afro-karibische Tänze
Karine LABEL & Ahmed MBAYE

Workshop afrikanischer Tanz in Senegal

Afro-haitianischer Tanz-Workshop 15.2.-1.3.2020 in Senegal

Zwei Wochen tanzen mit Live Djembe Trommlern !


Workshop afrikanischer Tanz in Senegal

Weekly african-dance and traditional afro-haitian dance courses

Weekly in Vienna african-dance Fitness and traditional afro-haitian dance courses at:

Karine LaBel invites you into a world between tradition and modernity. Afro-Haitian dance in combination with live percussion and electronic bass lines, excites beginners as well as experienced dancers. Through

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 * Eligible for USI course are:
1. Listeners and students of the University and Kunsthochschule as well as academic teachers in Vienna
2. Members of the teaching staff of the Universities and Kunsthochschule of Vienna and officials of these institutions and officials of the ministries
3. Academics with properly completed tertiary education, according to internal rule