weekly Afro Dance Courses

Afro Haïti & Afro Modern Style

Afro-Caribbean Fitness in combination with live percussion and bassy electronic beats


Monday & wednesday
University Sports Institute from the University of Vienna, only for eligible participants*
please refer Studienplan USI-Wien

Registration and payment at USI-office or onlineshop


Tuesday <> live drumms

Open courses at French School Vienna

Attention summer break from July

5.30 - 7.00 p.m.

Registration and payment on site


Wednesday <> live drumms

Open courses at WUK "Werkstätten und Kulturhaus Wien"

Attention summer hours: from 3.7. Wednesday only 19.00-20.30 Uhr

from september again:

6.00- 7.30 p.m. beginners and moderately advanced
7.30 - 9.00 p.m. advanced

Registration and payment on site



John Harris Fitnessclub

Afro Dance for beginners
Schillerplatz, 1010 Vienna

course schedules


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Afro-House Dance Bodyworkout with Karine LaBel

Fitness for the body and the soul

Karine LaBel accompanies the participants in this new world, situated as it is between tradition and modernity. Small playful choreographies emerge from energetic Caribbean sounds and, almost in passing and with an abundance of fun, strengthen the body, sharpen concentration and help recover equilibrium.


To actively experience and feel both music and rhythm – inspires not only young people but also inquisitive and experienced dancers.

Workshops for kids and teenagers

Dancing is fun!

Karine LaBel's proposal is also intended to associations and organizations working with children or young adults interested in the art of movements. Do not hesitate to come into contact.

Karine Label Afro Dance Afrikanischer Tanz Vienna Wien

* Eligible for USI course are:
1. Listeners and students of the University and Kunsthochschule as well as academic teachers in Vienna
2. Members of the teaching staff of the Universities and Kunsthochschule of Vienna and officials of these institutions and officials of the ministries
3. Academics with properly completed tertiary education, according to internal rules