Haiti Slow Moving - rebalancing body and mind - in full awareness - with Karine LaBel

Friday, March 16, 2018 | Relaxation and dance workshop in Stuttgart.

In Haiti Slow Moving is a smooth traditional dance imitating the movements of Caribbean nature. It symbolizes the relationship and cohesion between the elements of nature, the here and the hereafter.
In a slow rhythm and against a backdrop of traditional Afro-Haitian music, slow moving is inspired, by repetitive and undulating movements, elements of nature and the animal world.
To regain full body awareness, calm down, let go, reduce physical tension and change your mind, slow moving is an ideal anti-stress to reconnect with oneself.

To reconnect with oneself - relaxation to reequilb the body and the mind - In the Afro-Haitian tradition

Karine LaBel Traditioneller afro haitianischer Tanz slow moving Achtsamkeit Stressbewältigung Stuttgart

Day and time
Friday, 16.3.2018
from 16:30 to 18:30
All levels, without prerequisites



€ 25,- per person

Relaxation workshop by dance
Registration and payment

by email to the organize workshop@senergia.de , payment on site 20-30 minutes before the start



Johannesstr. 58 A

70176 Stuttgart West


U4 Hölderlinplatz

U2, U29, U34 Schloss/Johannesstr.
Bus 41, 42 Rosenberg/Johannesstr.

S1, S3, S4, S5 Feuersee


need more informations?

  • directement chez moi, Karine LaBel, par E-mail
  • ou auprès de l'organisateur workshop@senergia.de et mobil +49 (0)176 23 46 11 18